At the Working Bee last weekend the volunteers were a hard working group who completed the grass seeding and mulching near the hay shed, removed the formwork from the concrete slab, removed nails from the formwork and stacked timber ready for removal from the site. Thank you to Tony Armstrong of Claw Constructions who, on Sunday, collected the timber that he had lent for the job.

We would like to thank our returning volunteers: Shelley Owen, Terry & Rick Sullivan, Thomise Mudford, Neil Bombardier, Bob Alexander, Mick Cooper as well as committee members Paul Bombardier, Paul Smith, Cathy & Dave Rossiter and Brendan Robinson. Also helping was perhaps Royalla’s newest resident whose home was settled on Friday -  thank you John Chamberlain for joining us.

All the tasks on our Working Bee list were completed on Sunday Dec 27 and the Royalla Elm Grove is looking great.

Our thanks go to: Bob, Paul B, Neil B, Pattie & Paul H, Barbara & Michael, Sue R, Paul S and Robbo for doing such a thorough job.  The areas that were grass seeded at previous Working Bees are coming on quite nicely and we thank Terry and Rick Sullivan for setting up the watering system for us to keep the growth happening.

The Royalla Common s355 Committee wishes every resident a safe holiday season and our good wishes to you all for 2016.

Royalla Common s355 Committee

Thank you to the willing group last Saturday morning who helped with the weeding, mowing and tidy up of the Elm Grove and the amphitheatre.  Some of the daffodils and the iris are in flower and the leaves are shooting on the elms and it looks quite a picture.

A special thank you to Hisako who, unable to work that morning, delivered a carrot cake to the morning workers. Much appreciated thank you Hisako.

Thank you once again to all those who were able to help at the Working Bee on September 13.  The weather was kind to us and most of the tasks on the list were ticked off, which was a great effort.  Some of the workers stopped for a cuppa and chat around 2pm before returning to work till finish time at 3:30pm.  

The last two working bees before the Roundup were respectively held on a Sunday and a Saturday to assist those with other weekend commitments to contribute as they were available. They were very well attended with 28 and 23 people attending.