Royalla Community Association




Well!  The process has finally begun to establish the Royalla Community Association.

There was a meeting at the Common on Sunday, November 2nd, 2014.  Thank you Paul Bombardier (Chair of the s355 Committee) for your opening remarks.

At the meeting we announced the nominations for the Committee, and the executive positions on the Committee. 

As there were only 10 nominations in total, and no multiple nominations for any of the positions, all those who had nominated were automatically appointed.

Our new Committee therefore is:

Chair/President -                  Peter Bignell
Assistant Chair/President - Mike Jaggard
Treasurer -                             Colin Sweeny
Secretary -                             Ann Tyllyer
Members -                            Barbara Bennett-Jones
                                               Donna Cochrane
                                               Jim Coyne
                                               Casey Mudford
                                               Sally Jaggard
                                               Brendan Robinson

The new Committee members introduced themselves to the meeting.  It looks like we have a great depth of experience here, and should have a successful association underway.

There was lots of talk about how we can all work together to have a productive community association and hopefully things like regular get togethers and a Christmas function, will soon be on our calendars.

So...... moving forward.  As discussed at the meeting, the Chair, Assistant Chair, Treasurer and Secretary will get together during the next couple of weeks to prepare and submit the paperwork to register the association.  Once we have a registered association and constitution, we can officially invite membership, and set up sub committees.

We look forward to your continued support, and will have more updates soon.