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At the 2016 Royalla Country Fair, the Royalla Community Association launched a petition to improve the intersection of the Monaro Highway and the Old Cooma Road.  Many of us consider this intesection to be extremely dangerous, Our concern is highlighted by the increased use of the intersection by 'Googonians' who work in Canberra and use that route to get home in the evening, and of course the increase in snow traffic at this time of year.

There was plenty of support on the day, with many residents stopping to talk and give their opionions.  Tim Overall, Mayor of the then Queanbeyan Council, was there and had a chat with Peter Bignell, our RCA president.  He ofered to raise our concerns with the ACT Govenment, which is responsible for the intesection.

We recorded more than 140 signatures on the day, and since then have received more than 70 on the web site,

Peter recently wrote to Tim Overall, in Mr Overall's capacity as the Administrator of the Queanbeyan and Palerang Regional Council, including the reults of our petition, and aslking him to contact TAMS with our concerns.  Click here for a copy of Peter's letter.

On July 1st we received a positive response, and the matter and timing will be discussed with the ACT Chief Minister at the next meeting on cross-border issues.  We'll keep you up to date.


Finally we have a community association!

The object of the Royalla Community Association is to:

  1. Foster and promote community spirit, cooperation and activities among residents of the Royalla area, including assisting in the provision of community facilities.
  2. Represent the interests of the Royalla community, and support community groups that are active in the Royalla area.


Well!  The process has finally begun to establish the Royalla Community Association.

There was a meeting at the Common on Sunday, November 2nd, 2014.  Thank you Paul Bombardier (Chair of the s355 Committee) for your opening remarks.

At the meeting we announced the nominations for the Committee, and the executive positions on the Committee. 

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With most of the blocks of land in the area now occupied, a strong sense of community is starting to emerge, and a number of local residents are keen to establish a Royalla Community Association.