Managed by the Royalla Common S.355 Committee
a volunteer sub committee of the Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council

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Royalla Common will be recognised as an important reserve for the benefit of the local community.

It will be a wonderful green space.  The strong landscape character and history of the Common, native flora and fauna, will be conserved and enhanced for future generations.

The Common will provide recreational opportunities and activities appropriate to its function and within its designed use. It will be maintained and enjoyed by the local residents and the wider community.

The Royalla Common s.355 Commitee is working to provide community facilities at the Common, which will include power and water, toilet facilities, a hall, the Royalla Common Elm Grove, a horse arena and other sporting areas. 

Click here for a pdf view of the plan.

Ckick here for a pdf view of the hall sketch plan.